Monday, 29 September 2014

Bay Harbour market

Ever wondered where you could get good food, Great affordable fashion and brilliant hand crafted leather pieces all in one place?  Well then you probably haven’t been introduced to the ever vibing Harbour bay Market in Hout Bay, Cape Town. 

I was invited to attend a tourism event at the market a few weeks back and I honestly don’t regret taking the breezy drive through the senic route to the great harbour location in Hout Bay.  On Arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff and immediately wondered off into the fashion side of things first ofcourse!  Everything from vintage pieces to cute statement crops and basically everything else you’d want to wear to any upcoming music festivals.  Each vender bringing its own kind of freshness to the space and the prices are really worth your find.  Some goods are even hand made.  I know right!?  Fresh, affordable and Hand Crafted!  What more do you need in a good days shopping?  FOOD obviously! The market serves up quite a number of good food choices where you can get anything from light finger foods like sushi, Chilly poppers and many other assorted savouries to the most delicious Chicken Wraps and Pizza! The market even has several tables in and around the market where you can eat your food and enjoy live entertainment from local musicians and artists.  And if you’re a Sweet lover like most of us, you’re gonna love the sweet treats on sale.  Assorted Fudge, Caramel Pancakes, organic waffles and even the best gluten , sugar and wheat free cakes. 
With that said, I think the Harbour bay market is definitely one of the best markets in town and you all should check it out sooner or later.

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Below are a few pictures we snapped at the market and DO keep an eye out for our YOUTUBE video, coming soon.
Have a great week you all.
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