Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Venture | Herbalife

Some of you might remember me talking about the list of challenges I had drawn up the end of last year (in a previous post) and how that list has really helped me reach and concur most of those challenges just by focusing on one task at a time.

 Another tick off that list was "living a healthier lifestyle" in 2015 and today I want to share my story and journey with you all. 

It all started in that first week of January, you know, the week of positivity and joy, where everyone has a changed mind-set and some sort of New Year’s resolution they’re hanging onto.  Though I wasn’t the New Year’s resolution type, I read somewhere that “it takes 30 days to kick a bad habit as well as gain a good one”.  So in those seven days of euphoria, I had officially decided that it was time for me to hold on to that resolution and start living a more active lifestyle.  I started out slow.  I took morning walks once a week and enjoyed it so much that those walks soon became little jog-walks and as time went on, I found myself running up and down stairs until I eventually puked my guts out LOL.   Although I couldn't see much of a difference in the beginning, I could definitely feel that I was doing something right for the first time in what could have been a solid year, because well…I literally couldn’t move the day after.  

 I eventually got use to the pain and had the courage to attend a boot camp session with my sister (who's been hounding me for a year) and I absolutely loved every muscle burning minute of it.  It was way more intense then running the stairs if you’re asking! And it hurt much more the next day too, but after the 30th day, it’s true, I picked up a new habit.  A good one.

 Now before I go any further, you should know that the words "healthy foods" were never in my vocabulary.  I never ate any fruit or vegetables besides the ones that are almost bad for you and it soon caught up to me that there is no way I would be able to lose this weight without having a proper nutrition plan set in place as well.   I started speaking to the trainers from my boot camp class to find out how I could lose the weight and they were so eager to help me.  They introduced me to Herbalife nutrition and in late February I started using the products on a daily basis.  Immediately I could feel that my energy levels were up.  I wasn’t craving junk food like before and hey, I could even say no to white bread .  But what I really loved about starting the programme, was that not only did I get these amazing products.  They came with my very own herbalife coach, who made sure I stayed on track every day and who was even more invested in my health then what I was at the time.  He made sure that I was not eating unhealthy and that I was drinking water by the litre.  At the end of my first week I already had amazing results.  I lost a good percentage of body fat, gained some muscle and I got back all the energy the business life has taken from me.

Now you're probably wondering..."why are you telling me this?" 

Simply because I want to help you!!!  After getting great results from Herbalife, I opted to become a  member and an independent distributor.  Which means you can now speak to me about going on the nutrition programme and I will hook you up with the best life coaches possible.

Bottom line...I know what it feels like to always be tired, stuck in an unhealthy rut and just lose motivation and will power by the day.  I also know what it's like to not have the proper support system in place to help you reach those goals.  However,  Speak to me and we can change that up for you!  You can have more energy, get into shape and have that support system you need. 

 So contact me if you're looking to shape up and just live a more healthier lifestyle.

I am excited to help you reach your goals with herbalife24.

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