Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Pearl Spoon Resturant | Review

Hey guys!
So this week I thought I'd switch it up abit by doing something totally different from the usual fashion and event posts we've been guilty of for quite some time now.
Last month, after almost loosing it completely to work related stress, I had the pleasure of enjoying a lovely meal with the girls at Pearl Spoon Restaurant to kick off my Birthday week and to forget about all the paperwork stuck to my desk.
To be quite honest,  I don't usually have time to eat out on Saturdays as my weekends tend to fill up rather quick with blog related things and other business commitments I can't get to in the week, however,  I've been hearing about this place for quite sometime now, so I thought why not see for myself what all the fuss is about and support our dear friend Adeeb and his new business venture.  One thing I can say is that I don't regret wiping my schedule to indulge in what could have been the best chicken and mayo sandwich I've ever had.  (and I've had like a billion)
The restaurant has only been up and running for a few months now, So I was stunned to see that they were already packed at 10:30am

All in all it was a great experience as the staff were so attentive and literally came to check up on us every 10 minutes, making sure we were enjoying everything we had ordered and indeed we were.

The restaurant opens from 8am and closes at 5:30pm but will soon be open until 10pm :)
Details to follow

Venue & Location

They're Situated at No:

What's on the Menu

You can enjoy everything from Open Chicken Sandwiches to Salmon Wraps and for desert, the best home made pastries and other sweet delicacies.

The chef was so nice, he even spoilt us with the best macaroons, on the house.  Yuuuum!!!

Check them out on FACEBOOK and make your booking now!!!

T H A B I E T   A M A R D I E N

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Press release by Vivid Luxury-

"International denim brand G-Star RAW is hosting a lady-exclusive events in Cape Town, inviting women for an evening of denim match-making.
While trends come and go, every woman deserves her perfect pair of jeans. G-Star RAW Women’s Nights are where that answer lies. The Women’s Nights will provide an exciting event dedicated to matching every lady with her faultless fit. Offering a spectrum of fits that range from Super Skinny to Boyfriend, in a wide range of denims, colours and washes – this is the brand holding your wardrobe staple.
A leader in the denim industry, G-Star RAW has built a reputation for both craftsmanship and innovation. As Head of Women’s Design Rebekka Bach explains,
My team’s focus is to innovate with materials and fits that have a figure-enchancing effect. For example, the right placement of seams will determine whether your legs will look skinnier and longer, and the right back pockets have a lifting effect.”
As part of South Africa’s edition of the global G-Star RAW Women’s Nights initiative, guests will be assisted in finding their new favourite jeans by a pair of local style connoisseurs. In Cape Town, creator and editor of Fashion Breed Aqeelah Harron Ally and artist/stylist Anelisa Mangcu will bring their denim expertise.
With a reputation for late-night fun following their RAW Nights in these cities, the G-Star RAW Women’s Nights are set to be unmissable events.
Event Details
Women’s Night Cape Town: 4 December at V&A Waterfront
#GStarRAW #justtheproduct"
To get in on this exclusive event, Email your details to soonest.  Only limited space available