Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fashion Edit | Film

On weekends, what  I usually do is hide out at my families house somewhere in the northern suburbs, generally to take the much needed quiet time to clear my head from a busy weeks thoughts, come up with fresh new concepts and process all the ideas that keep me up at night.
My cousin Kauthar and I felt the need to collab on something fashion related and so this video was created.  For this video I envisioned shooting her in the clothes she wore while organising her closet there and then, so it could have that real and organic yet hoodrat feel to it.  Hours later this was what we had come up with.
Please let us know what your thoughts are on our little collaboration, since we've already been planning some more.
See my Instagram for previews.
In other news,  I am totally obsessed with Jhene Aiko and the brilliance that are her beats right now, so we edited the video with our latest and favourite track.
K A U T H A R   X   T H A B I E T 

Kauthar wears

Billabong Cap
Moms Vintage floral jumper (cut into a crop top obvs)
Leggings from Mr Price
Nike sneakers
Gold and White chain from Woolworths

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The SpreeAW2014 Lookboard event

Hello Everyone!
A week back, the girls and I got to attend the Autumn/Winter lookboard & line show, of South Africa’s favourite online store  I was so keen to finally attend an event with two of my oldest friends, who out of all my friends, actually share the same passion and love for the fashion, beauty and media industry as I do, which hyped me up even more. 

The event was held at Wembley Square in town and the setting could not have been any more perfect.  Immediately I saw how well the event was put together and couldn’t wait to see what Creative Director, Chris Viljoen had in store for the usual and ever so jolly, Cape Town fashpack.  A few snap shots, usual banter & appletizer toasts later, the lights eventually dimmed on us and we were in for a treat.  I was delighted to find that there was a menswear line going to be showcased as well seeing that the brand never really catered for the stylish man. 

 I'm not going to say much about the pieces showcased, however I will leave you with our EVENT VIDEO and the beautiful pictures taken by our very own photographer, Qudoo-siyyah Stofberg.

 We hope our readers have a blessed Easter Weekend
Peace & Love