Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Car Seats on the catwalk | FORD

Since 2001,  a group of dedicated Ford engineers have been working on incorporating sustainable materials into all their vehicles, whilst keeping the brands clear quality and performance standards intact.  Ford now uses recycled plastics, cotton, wheat straw, soy beans and even castor oil to help reduce consumer waste, decrease depletion of natural resources and lower energy consumption by a mile.
The new Fusion and Kuga's interior door panels are made up of 50% Kenaf and 50% plastic, Reducing the weight by a stellar 30%. 
Up and coming designers from Europe and Asia have now caught on to this amazing innovative and creative project and have decided to start building up full on couture collections with the insides of the Ford Kuga and Fusion vehicles.
As a challenge, these designers have created a collection consisting of Dresses, Jackets and shirts from the insides of Ford vehicles, sourcing materials from waste and even car seat covers.  All this was put together for 'The Redress Forum : Ford design challenge", an event organised by Hong Kong sustainable charity "Redress" to highlight sustainability in fashion design as well as automotive.
“Sustainability is a key element of Ford design and it is tremendously exciting to see material from our cars given a new lease of life on the catwalk,” said Emily Lai, manager, Colour and Materials Design, Ford Asia Pacific.
“Designers have the power to affect environmental waste through their designs and the design process, and can minimise this total impact through the creative use of materials and other innovations. All the creations we have seen are innovative and thought-provoking, and we applaud each participant for rising to the challenge.”
If this amazing concept wasn't enough to bring change to our globe,  Ford has now also decreased its total water use in the production of vehicles from 64 million cubic metres to 24 million cubic metres.  How amazing and inspiring is this?
See the pictures below
T H A B I E T   A M A R D I E N 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Win Tickets to Showtek | GIVEAWAY

Dutch duo Showtek will be electrifying our shores for a second time with the legendary edm party Electric Music SA at Shimmy Beach Club on 10 April 2015. They will be joined by our very own local legends to bring you a "one night only" electric dance experience you will never forget.  We have decided to give 1 lucky reader and a friend a chance to experience the greatness that are EDM festivals by launching a little giveaway competition on our social platforms, so that you won't ever have to suffer the fomo again.


(Press release by AmpliconPR)
Electrifying the Cape Town stage will be Sam World, the international sensation that has shared the stage with the likes of Calvin Harris, Tiesto and David Guetta. Jak Skandi, who is known for his high energy and even crazier hair will be doing a back-to-back set with Dean Fuel, who has performed alongside global legends such as Armin van Buuren and Basement Jaxx. Chris Taylor, who wowed the crowd at Ultra South Africa, will be bringing the same dynamism to Shimmy Beach Club. Roger D’Lux is a name that has been heard in the industry for almost 20 years, he has played across the country, supporting the local music scene, and internationally for long enough to know how to make a crowd happy, and beg for more...
Gareth Kenward has graced stages across Europe and the rest of the world and also featured last month at Ultra South Africa. Lastly, local favourite, Pascal & Pearce who topped the charts abroad and have played alongside the best house DJ’s in the world will also grace the stage.
The show will be at Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town on 10 April 2015
 “We live in exciting times. The dance music revolution is happening right here and Showtek is committed to leading the charge with a sound that is always pushing forward – always riding on the cutting edge,” Showtek, the dance dynamos, said recently.
Shimmy Beach Club full line up:
  • Pascal & Pearce
  • Dean Fuel
  • Gareth Kenward
  • Chris Taylor
  • Jak Skandi
  • Sam World
  • Roger D’Lux
Tickets are on sale exclusively available at:
Cape Town:
Early Bird GA - R250
Thereafter, ticket prices will be:
Cape Town:
GA - R350
VIP - R500
Showtek SA VIP Ticket holders will receive express entry through the VIP entrance, an exclusive dance floor with a scenic view of the stage as well as private bar facilities.
Doors open at 6pm
Table bookings:
Call 021 200 7778

How to ENTER:

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2. Find the competition post on our page (Monday 23 March)
3. Tag a friend you would like to enjoy this event with, in the comments section and also share the post for a better chance of winning.


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Thursday, 5 March 2015


You know how they say you should live while you’re young? well...Whoever they were, they were right. Spot on actually.  In the last few months leading up to the New Year, I had drawn up a bucket list containing things I haven’t experienced yet vs. what I’ve been forced to hear my friends rave about all the time.  I decided to challenge myself with this little adventure list and the first one I needed to tick off was to attend the International Music Festival South Africans have been so lucky to experience in the last couple of years, Ultra South Africa.   Although I had seen the after movies from the last year, I was easily convinced by my peers that you only get the true vibe experience once you’re in the crowd and a world famous DJ drops his beat.   So I did what I had to do and scored myself a media pass to the official press conference as well as the main event.  Yes, you can say I slayed that Friday the 13th dragon.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want to sound like a snob who's been living under a rocks for all eternity, but I never gave trance or edm music a proper listen to, so getting the opportunity to attend such a successful and renowned international music festival like this, didn’t quite hit me until stepping Into that elevator at the pepper club Hotel on the 13th of  February and seeing everyone so happy and excited.  Immediately I realised that I was infact very lucky to be there.  19 floors later, we arrived at the penthouse suite to a buzzing venue filled with media and press.  We anxiously sipped our appletizers, took our seats and waited patiently.  The official voice of ultra MR Damian Pinto gets on the mic to welcome us and introduces us to the world famous Djs.  Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Dvbbs, Hardwell, Oliver Heldens and even our very own DJ Fresh & Euphonik and Goldfish Live.  Mics begin to circle the room and the questions start flowing.  The djs were so humble and down to earth, it was actually refreshing.  18 year old martin, seemed to have been asked the most questions and someone even tried to sneak in a personal question whereby he replied with a giggle and “errrm…that’s private.”  They also spoke about where their inspiration to their sets for later on had come from and why they were so excited to return to our shores for a second time.  The conference soon ended and I left there feeling it.  And by it I mean the vibes of excitement everyone else had been holding in for months.  I was ready to be in a crowd of 25000+ people dancing their hearts out.  I was ready for ULTRA!  

(pictures from the conference are my own)


I was a little bummed that we only made it through the still heavy traffic by 8pm, missing all the South African acts who apparently smashed it all afternoon long but we did however make it just in time to hear the closing few beats of Martin Garrix’s set and man can that kid play.  Coming through the tent, I was amazed at the amount of people there actually were.  All of them on an equal level, holding hands in groups of 5, no one person dived from the next, dancing towards the massive crowed of waving glow sticks, Confetti and even fire works.  No care in the world besides having fun and “living while they’re young”.   Instantly the euphoric energy made me realise that I had in fact been growing old to fast in the couple of years past and not enjoying my youth as often as I should, due to the on-going hustle most of us are to thick skinned to give up on (haha).  I thought to myself.  I am here to tick off one itinerary on that bucket list of mine yes and hey, even because I might be trying different things with the blog and this was the one step I needed to take to keep it moving.  But most importantly.  I was there to give myself the night that was owed to me for a solid few years now.  The night I would never possibly forget.  The night I danced in the rain like I was in a Kevin and Perry movie.  The night I lost my friends and family in the crowed and kept on grooving on my own.  The night I LIVED while I was young!! Initially, I had plans to go into the pit (front stage) possibly for some videos of the crowed, but then my battery died and I got so into Hardwell’s Set, I ended up in front of the pit but on the other side.  The side with 25000 people dancing behind me and there was no way I was going to leave.  The rest as they say folks….is history!  
Sponsors of the festival:
Red bull Studios
and many others
Find out more about the amazing festival at and make sure you secure your tickets as soon as they go on sale for next year.  You do not want to suffer the fomo!
Until next time, take care folks
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