Monday, 2 December 2013

Youngster in training | Dare to Dream

I took these pics with my Note 3 a few days back of my cousins outfit and I must say I'm pretty much impressed with the quality of the outcome. (Samsung totally gets me)

So Kauthar  Keeks is my 16 year old cousin, who has the biggest dream of working in the fashion industry one day and I am so looking forward to seeing her dreams come true alongside mine.  She's forever living out her Stylist/Designer dreams, playing dress up and pretty much snipping everyone's clothing up at home, to create a garment you would never say was once her dads shirt.
We took this UN-calculated Look post out of total boredom at the house we all grew up in, as kids and still do up until today.  I mean the toilet pots put into the ground is just genius and don't even get me started on bambi and the rest of the cartoon animals who have been on those walls for as long as I can remember.
Wishing you all a successful week ahead.


Monday, 25 November 2013


American lifestyle brand "Guess" has recently launched their 2014 Fall Collection.  The brand has always been famous for their trendy denims as well as their youthful fashion campaigns all around the world. Recently I've been following the latest season of 'America's next top model 2.0', were girls and GUYS get to battle it out for a $100 000 contract, to shoot an add campaign with Guess, for the first time ever!!!  Besides the usual dramas that comes with reality tv, I got to see and learn so much about what actually goes into shooting these Guess campaigns we see on every back cover of our magazines and what a big deal it means if you are dubbed a "Guess Girl" or guy in the modelling industry.

Any way...

The latest collection will include unique textures and novel trimmings, offering a trendy garment but still holds that true aesthetic value we all as consumers look for when buying clothing.

The Woman

For women, detailing is key this season, so the designers at guess have catered for this and created pieces that have lots of detailing such as lace insets, cut out patterns, zippers as well as studs to give these garments a more edgier look and feel.  Since it's a fall collection, most (if not all) the pieces are denim, and they range from distressed jeans, Jumpsuits, Studded jackets, army green skinny jeans as well as hints of camo here and there.

The Men

Vintage influences lend inspiration to the menswear collection, with washed out denims, washed out chambray shirts and denim jackets being staple items from the collection.  Embroided button downs, plaid printed and faded denim shits compliment the western image guess usually holds on to.  There was also some mixing of textures and fabrics in this collection and some of which are leather biker jackets, double breasted cardigans as well as valvet blazers that creates a modern, refined look for the fashion forward guys out there.  Colours such as deep red and indigo were used to add a touch of sophistication to the collection.

This Collection is set to hit South African shores February 2014; along with an assortment of accessories including Footwear, handbags, eye-wear, belts and loads of jewellery.
So keep and eye out for this... 

Do have a gorgeous week ahead.

Thabiet A 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Magnum pink and black | Media Launch

 Hi Everyone

So a few weeks back I attended the Magnum media launch, for the two new flavours, Pomegranate Pink and Espresso Black.  I tagged along with my blogger bud Yumna (obvs) as these events tend to get abit awks if you don't have a partner in crime to steak out with.  On arrival, we were showered with non alcoholic cocktails and got mingling straight away.  The event was like no other I've attended.  Pink and Black flowed throughout the amazing Shimmy Beach Club near the V&A waterfront and  I was so excited to finally meet some of the bloggers I usually chat to over social networks, as well as mingle with the local celebs who were also in  attendance. Since there were complimentary Ice-creams for all, I tried the new Magnum Espresso Black and man was it the best I've ever had.  The strong espresso taste lived up to its name and the reason why I opted for this flavour is because I'm not the biggest fruity fan around. 
Whilst enjoying the desserts, we got to watch a cook-off between two culinary schools, whose teams were lead by 5 fm's Gareth Cliff as well as funny personality, Trevor Gumbi.
  There was also a mini twitter auction that took place where guests could tweet as much about the event and the new flavours for about 15 minutes and could win some awesome goodies.  Since most of you may have read everyone's posts on this event already, I will say very little and let the pictures tell you a 1000 words. 

The official Auction takes place in Sandton on the 23 November 2013 so click HERE for all the details as to how you could get involved and win with Magnum.

Bellow are all the goodies up for grabs!!!!

The 10 premium prizes selected for the Twitter Auction are:

·         Le Creuset Hamper #PinkLeCreuset
·         Pink Scooter #PinkScooter
·         Apple Hamper #PinkAppleHamper
·         Lunch with a Celebrity #PinkCelebrityLunch
·         Shoe Voucher #PinkShoeVoucher
·         Espresso Machine #BlackEspressoMachine
·         Samsung 60” 3D LED TV #BlackFlatScreenTV
·         DSLR Camera #BlackDSLRCamera
·         Ferrari track day #BlackDrivingFerrari
·         Handbag voucher #BlackBag

Well done on a very successful launch, Marcus Brewster and Magnum South Africa and thank you for a spectacular event and the best goodie box EVER!!!

Thabiet A

Gareth Cliff Cheffing it up
With top Billings Jeanie D and Janez
We ran into our fav Ayanda Tini

Yumz Getting her nails did
Our host for the day
With the amazing Bonang Matheba and Siyaam Allie

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

1 year of blogging

Hi there guys:)
I know its been a while since I've last posted, but lets just say I've been stuck under a huge pile of work at the moment. (sticks hand through pile of work and waves) 

What kind of blogger am I?...

For those of you who don't know, This blog was started exactly a year ago today and Besides it being one of the best years for me so far, there are still those little things that eat at you now and again.  One of them being asked the sarcastic question "So what kind of blogger are you?".  Today is finally the day where I clear the air and hopefully give the lot who have asked me this, the answer they've been looking for.  When I started this blog a year ago,  It wasn't because I knew what cool events and parties these top notch bloggers were attending,  It was a competition that actually gave me the very much needed head start to creating a blog.  Since then, I have been working really hard at making this blog something extra-ordinary and something I could call myself, the Creator of.  I have come to learn so much about myself in the process of having this blog and I now know where my strengths and weaknesses lie. It's also given me an idea of where I would like to end up one day and which career path I see myself taking. On fashion street is more than just a typical "fashion Blog".  It has street culture, true personality and gives local brands a platform to showcase their product or service within the (fashion/Media) industry.  It's a blog where fashion meets street and when I say street I mean normal everyday people going out there and creating a future for themselves.  This is not a style blog focused on my fashion sense either,  Its also not one where I do DIY Tutorials,  Its simply a showcasing platform for young entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and most of all creatives.  I plan on interviewing and documenting the lives of everyday people trying to make it in this tough industry.  So before I get judged and it's said that I'm a fake who doesn't even dress boldly enough to be a "fashion blogger"  I would like you to know that when I say 'Fashion' I speak about it as a whole.  This includes Directing,Styling,Photography,Videography, PR and most importantly reporting.  I do hope that this makes some sort of sense...

My take on blogging the past year...

What a wonderfull year of events it has been for us.  I have met so much amazing people and even some close friends in the process.  So far, the experience has been nothing but joy and happines for me knowing there is somewhere I can take all my creativity out and let it loose.  When I started, I had no Idea what the first thing about blogging was, but have come to learn that there really are a few natural skills you acquire to stay in this industry.  with that said, Ive been following blogs for a good 4-5 years now and since then, I have seen the rise of some local blogs as well as seen some really good ones end their stay in the bloggershpere due to the noticed few always having a strong opinion toward them and their content.  All I see on twitter nowadays are bloggers complaining about other bloggers copying their way or strategy of blogging and it really kills.  Though their are some really tacky ones who are in it for the lime light,  I for one tend to ignore that few. However, it irretates me to my core when the few who have locally "made it" feel that their short stay at the top has given them some authority to diss the newbies left right and center.  It honestly gives off a vibe that says they're to scared those newbies will eventually reach them?  (If this is not the case then why so mouthy?).  Someone once told me that there's a space for everyone who is destined to be blogger.  Sure, It might get a bit crowded and seeing the same thing on every local blog can be very annoying, but that is not for any of us to decide weather they get to stay or go. Since blogger is open to the public we really can't go around pointing fingers at each other but rather wait untill the truth reveals itself, eventually.  This is why I have decided to do something totally different from what I've been reading, so I won't have the problem of being called a "copy cat" or better yet a "biter".  If I were you.  I'd probably do the same.
Till next time folks
Thabiet A


Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Event | High on heels at Goodhope fm

So I know I said I'd be taking a break from blogging this month, but I think this story is really worth Sharing.  A few weeks back I was taken by suprise when I received an email from my favourite PR lady Ms Katie Coetzee to cover an event at Good Hope fm studios and also to talk on air & judge the in studio contest that took place.

Since this was the first time I would ever be doing something like this, I thought it would be a stella idea to get my good friend and co blogger Yumna  Involved seeing that we're both kind of new to these things and it would really be a great oppurtunity for the both of us. I was abit overly excited (not going to lie) and nervous as well, but we both knew it was an oppurtunity we had to take and run with.

The event was a collaboration between Good hope fm, The Princess Project as well as amazing shoe brand  Madison-footwear South Africa.  The event was attended by 10-15 lucky ladies who were given a very informative lesson on how to walk on heels by the lovely Ms Irit Noble.  Some of them could walk, Some of them were abit unstable but @MsNoble really made them leave that night #HIGHONHEELS and more confident with out a doubt.  This had to be the case after radio DJ Ayanda Tini suprised them all with a live pep talk from the african Mother herself  'Yvonne Chaka Chaka'.  All of this was not only to have a good time for no reason though,  There actually was a really good course behind the hole evening.  Each lucky lady was given a brand new pair of Madison Heels and in return had to swop a pair of their heels for someone less fortunate.  I know the saying goes "A girl can never have enough shoes" but knowing there are young girls out their not even able to say those words really stings.  These shoes, The shoes you no longer wear can make a young lady feel really special on her matric dance night and this is the aim of the wonderful Princess Project. Go ahead girls,  If ther's a pair of shoes or a ball gown you might not wear any longer, Drop them off at the studio and make someone else feel like a princess for the night.

All in all,  I am truley blessed to have been involved in such an inspiring event/project and also being able to meet all the well dressed ladies, Goodhope fm Dj's as well as the master minds behind the oh so trendy Madison Shoes (what a jolly bunch).   The event ofcourse was stacked with foods, sweet treats and the most amazing shoes on display.

Enjoy a few pictures I manged to source and please watch the short videos I created at the event (below), where you can see us live on air and also the girls getting #HIGHONHEELS.
Untill next time
Thabiet Amardien

All sponsors who were involved
With Yumna (excited) and my sister who recieved a prezzie from Madison

MS Irit Noble giving the girls some tips

With Katie Coetzee

(Images are not my own)


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

CSquared Flagship Launch


As some of you may know,  fantastic menswear brand 'CSquared' opened up their first flagship store  on Thursday 27 June at Canal Walk shopping mall.  The brand is about 11 years-old and started out as a branch brand from other well known brand Carduccci.  CSquared is a formal menswear store who's designs and tailoring are distinctly Italian but Incorporated with some modern and stylish trends. 


Being fashionably late (as I would like to call it), or simply just reading what was on the Invitation wrong ( Oops), Yumna and I showed up to the already vibing event a bit late and missed all the formalities of the stores official opening.  Luckily for us the party wasn't over as we made our way in store to see the most amazing red velvet blazers, paisley pocket squares, polka dot socks, textured bow ties, satchels, high tops and basically everything a fashion forward male ever dreamt of.
The staff were very friendly and circulated continuously to ensure that everybody in attendance was having a good time and had something to nibble on.  I will Definitely be seeing more of them closer to Eid this year.
The brand really went way out for their first flagship store as Top billings Celebrity interior decorator 'Aidan Bennetts' was the master mind behind the brilliant decor.  Huge frames hung from the roof,  3D walls came out at you, complementary colours flowed throughout and social check in points placed around the store so we could all check in on our social networks.

below are some of the photographs I took at the event using Yumna's husbands 550D. (I obviously tossed mine somewhere along the line when I was offered this beauty)

With that said, I would like to wish all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters a Ramadaan Kareem for this blessed month that lies before us.  I have decided to take a short break from blogging as I really have a lot on my plate (work wise) and would like to spend this month in peace with my family & friends and also practice becoming a better Muslim inshallah.

Until next time

Thabiet Amardien 

Pocket squares FTW


Instore DJ recking the decks

Finger foods flowed

Love these semi formal High tops

With Zarah (The Perry Book) and Yumna (Cooked Culture) what good peoples
Bow Tie heaven

Girls at Executive Producer, Tracy Rosslind and Decor man, Top Billings Aidan Bennetts strike a pose with sunglasses from in store. 
Zahrah Perry being a hungry child lol

More blazing awesomness