Tuesday, 9 July 2013

CSquared Flagship Launch


As some of you may know,  fantastic menswear brand 'CSquared' opened up their first flagship store  on Thursday 27 June at Canal Walk shopping mall.  The brand is about 11 years-old and started out as a branch brand from other well known brand Carduccci.  CSquared is a formal menswear store who's designs and tailoring are distinctly Italian but Incorporated with some modern and stylish trends. 


Being fashionably late (as I would like to call it), or simply just reading what was on the Invitation wrong ( Oops), Yumna and I showed up to the already vibing event a bit late and missed all the formalities of the stores official opening.  Luckily for us the party wasn't over as we made our way in store to see the most amazing red velvet blazers, paisley pocket squares, polka dot socks, textured bow ties, satchels, high tops and basically everything a fashion forward male ever dreamt of.
The staff were very friendly and circulated continuously to ensure that everybody in attendance was having a good time and had something to nibble on.  I will Definitely be seeing more of them closer to Eid this year.
The brand really went way out for their first flagship store as Top billings Celebrity interior decorator 'Aidan Bennetts' was the master mind behind the brilliant decor.  Huge frames hung from the roof,  3D walls came out at you, complementary colours flowed throughout and social check in points placed around the store so we could all check in on our social networks.

below are some of the photographs I took at the event using Yumna's husbands 550D. (I obviously tossed mine somewhere along the line when I was offered this beauty)

With that said, I would like to wish all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters a Ramadaan Kareem for this blessed month that lies before us.  I have decided to take a short break from blogging as I really have a lot on my plate (work wise) and would like to spend this month in peace with my family & friends and also practice becoming a better Muslim inshallah.

Until next time

Thabiet Amardien 

Pocket squares FTW


Instore DJ recking the decks

Finger foods flowed

Love these semi formal High tops

With Zarah (The Perry Book) and Yumna (Cooked Culture) what good peoples
Bow Tie heaven

Girls at play.tv Executive Producer, Tracy Rosslind and Decor man, Top Billings Aidan Bennetts strike a pose with sunglasses from in store. 
Zahrah Perry being a hungry child lol

More blazing awesomness



  1. Lovely post! Enjoyed the pics and the down to earth take on the whole event :)
    Ps.. Sorry I haven't met you yet!!

    1. Aww thanks Miss Ally, for always reading my silly posts, Im a huge fan of the SS blog too and im sure our paths will cross soon enough lol. Keep well doll and have a blessed month of ramadaan ( im totes gona be hungry) xx

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  4. Hi Thabiet,

    Awesome photos. Sure looks like y'all had a fabulous time.

    Simply Sassy Style