Monday, 29 April 2013

Traffic Clothing Fashion show | Event

Last week Monday, I was invited to attend the Traffic Live Clothing Fashion Show, held at the oh-so stunning Shimmy Beach Club close to the V and A waterfront.  I Arrived at the event a bit early, so I got to watch a gorgeous Cape Townian sunset as well as spot local boats pass by all on my lonesome.  After a few laps around the empty but spiffed up venue, doors were opened and guests started filling the lounge and outside area with laughter, photo snaps and dressed to the tee.  photographers, bloggers, printed media and even the Expresso show crew were present as well as the gorgeous Liezel Van Der Westhuizen and Elana Afrika.  The music started vibing and sushi and pizza were served to all in attendance.  Unfortunately for me, Some non VIP guests started sitting on reserved seating including mine causing nothing but total chaos.  Lucky enough I was then placed in the Photography booth at the tip of the runway shortly after the miss-hap where I had an even better view  (Thanks Katie).  After a well styled, fashion filled runway show, I hung out with blogger Yumna from Cooked culture and her hubby for some photoboothing and to circulate the vibrant event one last time before calling it a night.
Do enjoy my bad photographs once again guys haha!

Photoboothing fun with CookedCulture blog
Zahra from The perry book blog, Yumna from Cooked Culture blog and Angilique from Blackcherry handbags
Cool spiked leather jackets seen at the pop up store at the event.


On the runway

The show was opened by the MC and the models took the runway one by one dressed by brands such as #Black&Gold #Berrylicious, #Embellishment and a few others all styled by the ladies of A fashion friend with shoes from Madison shoes and bags by Blackcherry handbags. (great job guys)
I Initially took a video of the entire show so that I could vlog it, but time just isn't on my side at the moment, enjoy the snaps from our footage in the mean while and stay tuned for a you tube video soonest.
Until next time
Peace love Happiness
Thabiet Amardien


Monday, 22 April 2013

The Onesie | by One UP South Africa

For the few of you who don't know about the infamous Onesie, Today that all changes as I inform you and bring you up to speed on SA's latest leisure trend. Onsie's are these fun and Geeky all in one jumpsuits that are easy going and really comfortable to wear out. South African Brand,  One UP South Africa brings you the latest styles in the Onesie all-in-one jumpsuit, from six different Onesie brands.

The Onesie can be worn to a list of different social events such as Outdoors, Holi one festivals, Beach parties, sporting events and even comes in cool animal styles to suit the little kiddies and are great for in house relaxing or vacations.

Celebrities such as One DirectionJustin Bieber, Rihanna, Cara delevingne and many more have been spotted rocking the Onesie lately and even styling it up to fit a certain mood.
One UP South Africa launched in sunny Cape Town in February 2013 and already showcases over 100 different styles of fun Onesie jumpsuits on their online storeOne UP South Africa will be collaborating with local South African animal brand, aFREAKa, luxary brand La Ninna Nanna and many more to bring their audience all round Onesie greatness.  Their main stride is to bring international trends to South Africa and also raise awareness through their Give one back initiative which is put inplace to help solve some of the issues SA has at hand.  They've already been working with Project Rhino KZN and the Naked skydiver to kick things off and Give one back.

Remember to love and support local brands always!
Follow the amazing up and coming brand by clicking these links below
and also their website at for more styles.

Other than that.  We hope to see you all at Shimmy beach Club tonight for the amazingness that is #trafficshow.
See you there! 
Thabiet A

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Camouflage | baseball cap | RihannaNavy

  As sad as it is for some (especially the teens) I think Summer is officially over here in Sunny Cape Town and it's something we all have to deal with.  For me it's not all that sour as winter fashion amazes me more and more every year.  I know I haven't done a trend post in a while but it's got to happen sooner or later right? (Right)
So here's a quickie 


As excited as I am for the winter layering looks, I'm hardly excited to get out of bed when the rain falls at early hours of the morning.  Personal struggles aside though, Camo/Camouflage is one of the main trends that has hit SA stores for winter 2013.  From jackets to trousers and even snap backs, local stores are stocking them piece by piece.  The garment that caught my eye the most while doing some window shopping with our fashion contributor was definitely the military jacket.  I've seen a few at local stores such as: Sportscene and woollies and they come in plain military styles as well.     

The Baseball hat

If you've seen some of the latest international fashion weeks for Autumn/Winter you would have noticed these almost leather baseball caps being a runway-trend by the hottest designers and even rocked by locals who attended as well.  It's so easy going but chic at the same time due to its leather finished front.  Not to long ago I spotted a few at a Legit Fashion store here in Cape Town.  Take a look at the collage below to see the trend in full swing.


So news went out a couple of weeks back that Grammy Award Winner and Fashion Icon 'Rihanna Riri Fenty' will bless Cape Town shores later this year with her ever changing style and amazing vocals.  As excited as I am, I'm a bit put off  by the fact that she performs her Diamonds World Tour in CPT on Eid night.  I guess this means no airport stalking for me then. Non-the-less, I will obviously be attending the concert after celebrating the day as I'm a long time #RihannaNavy.
Take a look at how Rih wears both trends shown above and completely rocks it with confidence.
Get Excited South Africa!! Momma Navy In the Building!!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Milq and Honey Winter collection | Launch

After battling with a heavy month end work load and only finishing off at 1:30pm (The time the launch kicked off) I still had to head home to gather a few things before hitting the Bromwell botique mall in Woodstock for the winter range of Milq and Honey fashion.  I finally made it to the venue 45 minutes later and still got to see the fashion show and all the Milq and Honey goodies showcased for bloggers, editors and other fabulous guests.   It all goes to show,  If you really love something, you have to work hard and stop at nothing to get where you want to be.  I honestly don't regret rushing that day to get my priorities to work well together, because I actually met some really cool people and got time to do what I love most.

About the collection..

On the runway were dresses, printed tights, fitted crop tops, blouses, jackets, flowy kaftans and most looks were paired with a Blackcherry handbag to accessorise. This time round the Milq and honey team added warmer fabrics and bolder black&white prints to the amazingness that is Milq and Honey and stunned all the guests with their amazing work once again. The line is sophisticated and fresh but still holds an African theme to it. Go on ladies, get your hands on some of these gorgeous items at the Bromwell boutique mall and at the land of Milq and Honey.

Since the video I shot with the Davids sisters here I thought it would be a good idea to shoot the fashion show as well.
Thabiet A



Left: singer Jimmy Nevis.  Right: Yumna from Cooked Culture

Milq and Honey stocking at the Bromwell

style snap shot

amazing art piece at the Bromwell