Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Pearl Spoon Resturant | Review

Hey guys!
So this week I thought I'd switch it up abit by doing something totally different from the usual fashion and event posts we've been guilty of for quite some time now.
Last month, after almost loosing it completely to work related stress, I had the pleasure of enjoying a lovely meal with the girls at Pearl Spoon Restaurant to kick off my Birthday week and to forget about all the paperwork stuck to my desk.
To be quite honest,  I don't usually have time to eat out on Saturdays as my weekends tend to fill up rather quick with blog related things and other business commitments I can't get to in the week, however,  I've been hearing about this place for quite sometime now, so I thought why not see for myself what all the fuss is about and support our dear friend Adeeb and his new business venture.  One thing I can say is that I don't regret wiping my schedule to indulge in what could have been the best chicken and mayo sandwich I've ever had.  (and I've had like a billion)
The restaurant has only been up and running for a few months now, So I was stunned to see that they were already packed at 10:30am

All in all it was a great experience as the staff were so attentive and literally came to check up on us every 10 minutes, making sure we were enjoying everything we had ordered and indeed we were.

The restaurant opens from 8am and closes at 5:30pm but will soon be open until 10pm :)
Details to follow

Venue & Location

They're Situated at No:

What's on the Menu

You can enjoy everything from Open Chicken Sandwiches to Salmon Wraps and for desert, the best home made pastries and other sweet delicacies.

The chef was so nice, he even spoilt us with the best macaroons, on the house.  Yuuuum!!!

Check them out on FACEBOOK and make your booking now!!!

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Press release by Vivid Luxury-

"International denim brand G-Star RAW is hosting a lady-exclusive events in Cape Town, inviting women for an evening of denim match-making.
While trends come and go, every woman deserves her perfect pair of jeans. G-Star RAW Women’s Nights are where that answer lies. The Women’s Nights will provide an exciting event dedicated to matching every lady with her faultless fit. Offering a spectrum of fits that range from Super Skinny to Boyfriend, in a wide range of denims, colours and washes – this is the brand holding your wardrobe staple.
A leader in the denim industry, G-Star RAW has built a reputation for both craftsmanship and innovation. As Head of Women’s Design Rebekka Bach explains,
My team’s focus is to innovate with materials and fits that have a figure-enchancing effect. For example, the right placement of seams will determine whether your legs will look skinnier and longer, and the right back pockets have a lifting effect.”
As part of South Africa’s edition of the global G-Star RAW Women’s Nights initiative, guests will be assisted in finding their new favourite jeans by a pair of local style connoisseurs. In Cape Town, creator and editor of Fashion Breed Aqeelah Harron Ally and artist/stylist Anelisa Mangcu will bring their denim expertise.
With a reputation for late-night fun following their RAW Nights in these cities, the G-Star RAW Women’s Nights are set to be unmissable events.
Event Details
Women’s Night Cape Town: 4 December at V&A Waterfront
#GStarRAW #justtheproduct"
To get in on this exclusive event, Email your details to soonest.  Only limited space available

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ford Fusion High Tea

Hey there,
You know how they say rather late than never right?   Well I'm about to use that same line but with a tad more embarrassment!
However, I'm sure you all know the drill by now.  This time of the year most of us are held down by tons of paperwork, deadlines and basically trying to tie up any loose ends before the year dawns in on us.
With that said,  I haven't had enough time to share an amazing event I attended last month. 
 The Ford South Africa team were so kind to send over the cutest invitation one day.  It was a box of assorted teas and thus to attend their #fordfusion High Tea on Monday 11th September.

We arrived at the beautiful location on chapmanspeak, Hout Bay and were met by the lovely ford team on arrival before getting whisked away to the beautifully hidden and tranquil lodge, ‘Tinstwalo Atlantic’.  The event was a bit different to what I’m used to, this one was intimate and hosted a few Cape Town Bloggers, Other media personalities and representatives of the brand. 

We were introduced to the chief group designer of Ford 'Susan Lampinen' who talked us through the design process she and her team in USA Detriot, follow to bring us the end result which is the soon to be launched Ford Fusion car.  South African Designer Suzanne Heyns aslo spoke about the creative process of designing her Runway Collections and how its similar to the design process of cars, taking us on a journey through where she finds her inspiration for her outstanding collections.
I was very impressed with how informative the event really was.  I know very little about cars so it really boosted my knowledge of how much work and thought actually goes into designing and manufacturing them.  Its safe to say I am excited to see the end result which officially launches in 2015.  Besides the perfect detailing, colours and overall design aesthetic,  the new ford will be able to park itself with out you having to steer.  Now that sounds like a dream right?
PS:  Shout out to FORDS amazing team for having us :)

Below is the YOUTUBE video of the event and some pictures/Sketches of the new ford master piece.
Take Care
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Monday, 29 September 2014

Bay Harbour market

Ever wondered where you could get good food, Great affordable fashion and brilliant hand crafted leather pieces all in one place?  Well then you probably haven’t been introduced to the ever vibing Harbour bay Market in Hout Bay, Cape Town. 

I was invited to attend a tourism event at the market a few weeks back and I honestly don’t regret taking the breezy drive through the senic route to the great harbour location in Hout Bay.  On Arrival we were greeted by the friendly staff and immediately wondered off into the fashion side of things first ofcourse!  Everything from vintage pieces to cute statement crops and basically everything else you’d want to wear to any upcoming music festivals.  Each vender bringing its own kind of freshness to the space and the prices are really worth your find.  Some goods are even hand made.  I know right!?  Fresh, affordable and Hand Crafted!  What more do you need in a good days shopping?  FOOD obviously! The market serves up quite a number of good food choices where you can get anything from light finger foods like sushi, Chilly poppers and many other assorted savouries to the most delicious Chicken Wraps and Pizza! The market even has several tables in and around the market where you can eat your food and enjoy live entertainment from local musicians and artists.  And if you’re a Sweet lover like most of us, you’re gonna love the sweet treats on sale.  Assorted Fudge, Caramel Pancakes, organic waffles and even the best gluten , sugar and wheat free cakes. 
With that said, I think the Harbour bay market is definitely one of the best markets in town and you all should check it out sooner or later.

Follow the market on FACEBOOK to get more details
Below are a few pictures we snapped at the market and DO keep an eye out for our YOUTUBE video, coming soon.
Have a great week you all.
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Spree Spring/Summer 2014

Last week South Africa’s leading online retailer ‘’ hosted their infamous seasonal lookboard event and this time it was to bring in their latest Spring Summer 2014 collection called “Spree Boutique”.

The fast growing online store has been around a while now and every season they come forth with an even better installation than the last.   More intense, but also just the right amount of fun to keep it playful and leave us all in ooohs and aaahhhhs.  Being in this industry, most of the ‘Fashion ‘events we attend are similar.  A brand trying to do the same kind of different as everyone else.  However Spree never fails to tell us some kind of story through what they send out on the models, walking the show.   I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the press briefing before the actual event to hear what exactly Creative Director ‘Chris Viljoen’ and Fashion Producer 'Deon Redman' were trying to bring across to guests, although I’m pretty sure everybody took something good and inspiring from it.  I find that having a creative process, finding inspiration and then processing that into art is so much more than just throwing good fashion together. For me Spring should be fun, Colourful and light weight.  Exactly what Local Designers Thula Sindi, Gert Johan Coetzee, Kluk CGDT, Marianne Fassier and Clive Rundle of the "Spree Boutique" collection , showcased on the night.  Good Quality garments for men & women and also from well-established SA designers now brought to you on SA’s fast growing online space  I really admire the brand and what they’re doing to change and continuously evolve fashion into what we as fashion enthusiasts enjoy every season as well as their fast delivery service everybody is raving about.   

Spree hosted us at the perfectly located Brydun Gallery on Buitengracht street in Boo Kaap.  The all white Gallery was set with accents of spring and pinths which models rotated on as guests and photographers formed a paparazzi crowd and started snapping pictures of the beautiful installation.   It’s been a while seeing everyone, so it kind of turned into the night out someone else had planned for us.  Drinks on tap as well as finger foods to keep us happy, not to mention the obsession that is social printing genius, Nifty250 (gotta love those guys).
Below are a few sourced pictures from SDR Photography
 we are currently experiencing some faults with uploading our event video but will post a link as soon as possible.

 In the mean time, enjoy spring and take care!

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Giveaway | The On Fashion Street Store

Hi Everyone,

It's been a crazy long time since I've posted anything on the blog as I've decided to take a short break from it all and focus on the things that need my full attention more urgently.  In the meantime I have teamed up with Siyaam Ally as Videographer for the SimplySiyaam blog and we have been shooting some cool videos for her YouTube channel Here, so do check those out.

What else have I been doing you might ask?  Well besides my 9 to 5 Grizzy, I've been working on manufacturing some apparel and realised it would be a great idea if I brought it to the blog and started my own little online store.

So to kick things off I have decided to launch my first (ever) Give Away here at OFS and what better than to give one lucky reader something we have worked on ourselves, 

How to Enter

(you may enter on either one of our social platforms)

1. Like our  FACEBOOK page 
 *Comment on the picture below we have posted to our page and tell us what you would wear this outfit with.


2. Follow us on TWITTER
*Tweet us with the hashtag #OnfashionstreetSummer
and tell us why you would like to win this awesome prize.


3. Follow us on INSTAGRAM 
Leave a comment with the hashtag #OnfashionstreetSummer on the give-away  picture (from below) we have posted to our instagram page.

The Prize

Our two piece quilted, flair skirt & Crop top in Size: Small or Medium.  

Valued at R450.00
colour: cream

This is the Give-Away picture we will post to our social media platforms


1. The competition will run from Monday 1st -10th September.
2. There can only be one winner.
3. The competition is only open to South African Residents.
4. Winner will be notified after the 10th.
5. All garments are made to standard sizes, if the garment does not fit you perfectly the winner would have to make further arrangements to alter it themselves.

Good Luck!

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Maaji Swimwear South Africa | Launch

Last night I attended the Launch of Swimwear brand MaajiSwimwear at the Cape Quarter with Yumna.
The event was everything I hoped it would be and so much more.  In fact,  A little sneak peek of what summer holds for us here in Cape town I'd say.  Hot, Sexy and Fun to say the least!!!
I loved the detailing on all the pieces on display as well as the colours used in the collection.

Find them on FACEBOOK
And join in on the #MaajiMagic fun!
Also, enjoy the little edit we shot at the event and have a safe long weekend guys and girls!
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