Monday, 2 December 2013

Youngster in training | Dare to Dream

I took these pics with my Note 3 a few days back of my cousins outfit and I must say I'm pretty much impressed with the quality of the outcome. (Samsung totally gets me)

So Kauthar  Keeks is my 16 year old cousin, who has the biggest dream of working in the fashion industry one day and I am so looking forward to seeing her dreams come true alongside mine.  She's forever living out her Stylist/Designer dreams, playing dress up and pretty much snipping everyone's clothing up at home, to create a garment you would never say was once her dads shirt.
We took this UN-calculated Look post out of total boredom at the house we all grew up in, as kids and still do up until today.  I mean the toilet pots put into the ground is just genius and don't even get me started on bambi and the rest of the cartoon animals who have been on those walls for as long as I can remember.
Wishing you all a successful week ahead.


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