Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Car Seats on the catwalk | FORD

Since 2001,  a group of dedicated Ford engineers have been working on incorporating sustainable materials into all their vehicles, whilst keeping the brands clear quality and performance standards intact.  Ford now uses recycled plastics, cotton, wheat straw, soy beans and even castor oil to help reduce consumer waste, decrease depletion of natural resources and lower energy consumption by a mile.
The new Fusion and Kuga's interior door panels are made up of 50% Kenaf and 50% plastic, Reducing the weight by a stellar 30%. 
Up and coming designers from Europe and Asia have now caught on to this amazing innovative and creative project and have decided to start building up full on couture collections with the insides of the Ford Kuga and Fusion vehicles.
As a challenge, these designers have created a collection consisting of Dresses, Jackets and shirts from the insides of Ford vehicles, sourcing materials from waste and even car seat covers.  All this was put together for 'The Redress Forum : Ford design challenge", an event organised by Hong Kong sustainable charity "Redress" to highlight sustainability in fashion design as well as automotive.
“Sustainability is a key element of Ford design and it is tremendously exciting to see material from our cars given a new lease of life on the catwalk,” said Emily Lai, manager, Colour and Materials Design, Ford Asia Pacific.
“Designers have the power to affect environmental waste through their designs and the design process, and can minimise this total impact through the creative use of materials and other innovations. All the creations we have seen are innovative and thought-provoking, and we applaud each participant for rising to the challenge.”
If this amazing concept wasn't enough to bring change to our globe,  Ford has now also decreased its total water use in the production of vehicles from 64 million cubic metres to 24 million cubic metres.  How amazing and inspiring is this?
See the pictures below
T H A B I E T   A M A R D I E N 

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