Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ford Fusion High Tea

Hey there,
You know how they say rather late than never right?   Well I'm about to use that same line but with a tad more embarrassment!
However, I'm sure you all know the drill by now.  This time of the year most of us are held down by tons of paperwork, deadlines and basically trying to tie up any loose ends before the year dawns in on us.
With that said,  I haven't had enough time to share an amazing event I attended last month. 
 The Ford South Africa team were so kind to send over the cutest invitation one day.  It was a box of assorted teas and thus to attend their #fordfusion High Tea on Monday 11th September.

We arrived at the beautiful location on chapmanspeak, Hout Bay and were met by the lovely ford team on arrival before getting whisked away to the beautifully hidden and tranquil lodge, ‘Tinstwalo Atlantic’.  The event was a bit different to what I’m used to, this one was intimate and hosted a few Cape Town Bloggers, Other media personalities and representatives of the brand. 

We were introduced to the chief group designer of Ford 'Susan Lampinen' who talked us through the design process she and her team in USA Detriot, follow to bring us the end result which is the soon to be launched Ford Fusion car.  South African Designer Suzanne Heyns aslo spoke about the creative process of designing her Runway Collections and how its similar to the design process of cars, taking us on a journey through where she finds her inspiration for her outstanding collections.
I was very impressed with how informative the event really was.  I know very little about cars so it really boosted my knowledge of how much work and thought actually goes into designing and manufacturing them.  Its safe to say I am excited to see the end result which officially launches in 2015.  Besides the perfect detailing, colours and overall design aesthetic,  the new ford will be able to park itself with out you having to steer.  Now that sounds like a dream right?
PS:  Shout out to FORDS amazing team for having us :)

Below is the YOUTUBE video of the event and some pictures/Sketches of the new ford master piece.
Take Care
T H A B I E T       A M A R D I E N


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