Thursday, 1 November 2012

There's 'No Doubt' they're the same

For the few of you who might not know the band 'No Doubt', They're a pop/rock band founded in the mid 80's.

I think the band was originally founded by lead singer 'Gwen Stefani's' brother 'Eric Stefani' in 1986.  This post was fuelled by their new music video 'Settle Down' I saw at a friends house a week ago and loved everything about it.  Its old school yet hip but carries quite a catchy tune as well.  Being a big Gwen Stefani fan I need to add how great she looks at her age , which is what? Early Forties maybe?
Gwen's style has always been very rebellious since she is the "lead singer" of a pop-rock band, but what I've come to notice is that 'recently new girl' 'Rita Ora' kinda reminds me of Gwen throughout her years in the industry.
According to some Gwen really is Rita's Style icon.
Check out how similar they are in some of these pictures below.
Rita Left & Gwen Right

Gwen with Terry Richardson

Rebellious Rita
Peace Love Fashion

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