Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Summer 2012

Lately Cape Town has been kinda stingy with its good weather don't you think?  I mean we've passed the month of October and still the mother city hasn't graced us with full on Summer weather that much.  There's been a few good ones but not as good as they use to be.  Usually this time of the year beaches are packed, Winter has long gone ditched us and those shorts and dresses are finally in your closet to stay.

Having done some research , I've come across a few Summer trends you should be trying this year.

Here they are:

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Denim shorts are great for guys, easy yet funky and stylish as ever

These round sunglasses are so hot!  They bring a vintage aspect to your look

Moccasins are my favourite thing right now, so comfortable and stylish in every way

Not forgetting the waterfall skirts that most of our stores in CPT have been stocking lately.  great way to show off those legs

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