Friday, 12 October 2012

Celeb Stylist | Monica Rose

From retail shop assistant to now one of the biggest names in fashion styling, Monica Rose Definitely knows her stuff when working with high end clients, clothing and body types altogether.

Working for some of the biggest names in the industry,  juggling fashion shoots and being a full time mother must be hectic, but it seems this fashionista has it all under control.              

Styling almost everyone in the Kardashian & Jenner family
and now Kim K again (thank god)

"My greatest “styling” accomplishment so far has to be Kim Kardashian’s style transformation. She is my muse. Her personal style was completely different before I began working with her, but she is so open minded and willing to take fashion risks. It’s rewarding to see the evolution of her style and see she has grown into her own sense of style. It’s all about baby steps."

she tells school of style...
Not only has this stylist been using her gift on 'Celeberities' but more importantly her daughter.
Here are a few looks she did on her baby girl.....they're just to darn cute.

I cute are little fashionista's?

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