Friday, 16 November 2012

Munched in a week

This past week has been a rush for me as deadlines at work draw closer and 7 hour meetings want to be attended.  I haven't really had enough time to put together a real post as I barely have time to finish my coffee at breakfast in the morning.  Hopefully all of this will fade soon enough and we can start shooting ridiculously good and stylish fashion posts again.  In the meanwhile here are a few munched screens I grabbed from my phone as it served me as the only source of Internet this week.

Kylie and Kendall"s Clothing line to launch in Feb 2013.  How cool are they?

So much Hate and War! Why??

Love Not Hate

These ridiculously cool studded shoes from Steve Maden my friend has been eyeing

I'm a leather jacket junky...studs are so cool right now

Add caption

Kimye at the EMA's

Story of my life


This really chic blouses my friend sells

A baby shoot I did in the week

A shot I took of my street name...Very Retro

All day meeting in the CBD

Before the storm

Summer 2012

Twilight kicked off last night

This is a video I saw on facebook.  A puppy trying to wipe his face with wet wipes LOL

Kylie and Kendall for Sherri Hill


Be back soon xx


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