Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pushing fashion forward

So it's no secret that woman's fashion in South Africa has blossomed since the last four seasons last year. Passing through 2012 I've seen woman play around with what they wear when out and about which is the way its suppose to be.  Since fashion is no more regarded as serious, I personally believe more South African woman should be mixing prints, textures and chunky jewellery instead of trying to play it safe .

Enjoy the style guide below as I show you how to be more open minded toward your fashion choices.

The uptown girl

Be creative with your look, but also try and be on par with what the latest trend is and incorporate it in your style.

A colourful skinny jeans is a great way to give your look that extra colour boost it may need.

Play around with a variety of hats and bags to complement that bright trouser.
Chiffon as we all may know is a huge hit this year, as seen in almost every store in and around Cape Town.

Add glamour to your look by adding layers of jewellery.  Use shades that complement your blouse but avoid too many colours.

The street chic colour blocking bombshell

Colour blocking may be new to some, but it has been one of SA's most successful trends by far.
Be innovative and mix those dull darker shades of clothing with brighter garments.

High waisted trousers/shorts are a great way to add length to those already gorgeous legs.

Here the colour blocking trend has been incorporated with these amazing high waisted leather shorts, a coral/peach blazer and a darker coral pleated shirt.  Doesn't it look breathtaking?

Add a shade of neutral heels, clutch and chunky neck piece to add an extra bit of class to your look.

The Earth Child

Now here's where it starts getting interesting...

Here's a look you don't see everyday.  Be bold and daring and you'll definitely manage to rock at looking this chic!!!
This look is definitely not for the faint hearted.  Wearing it with a dash of confidence can totally rock this look.
This look proves that random items in a closet could be a big hit

Floppy hat
Dusty pink A-List shirt
Leather Trousers (as seen on some celebrities)
Pearl beaded collar
Sleeveless faux fur coat
and brown ankle boots.


Simple yet Elegant

When attending a fancy cocktail party, a simple outfit can look effortless yet glamorous, add some elegant jewellery and nude make-up and you're good to go.

Notice the elegance of the dress combined with the subtle hair and make-up.

This little number is simple but glamorous due to its chunky embellished neckline.


Safari Meets Fashion

Be bold and daring by wearing different animal prints, but add a plain pastel trouser to give it a more subtle look and feel.

I hope this post inspired the readers to be more open minded toward their fashion choices.  Be daring and bold, confidence rocks on just about anybody!!!

Note of thanks to all those who made the shoot possible.


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