Saturday, 22 September 2012

Man trend: Aztec Winter 2012

Now that Winter 2012 has left us in SA, I feel the need to take a quick look back,  into what some of the guys have been wearing as a 'Man Trend' in the bitter cold season that's passed.

The Snood

The 'snood' for some who don't know is a neck scarf sewn together at the ends, so when putting it on, it automatically gives one that Layered look.  I myself had fun playing with some Aztec snoods killing two trends with one piece :)


I also think it is a great and easy way to give a plain outfit a stylish feel.

The Aztec Jersey


Stores in the Mother City have been stocked with these amazing printed jersey's and shirts as shown above.  I've seen a few in stores such as Mr Price, Zoot, Cotton On and many more cool, urban yet local stores for quite cheap actually.

The Brogue/Boot

Another Stylish item that have been ticked off on men's dressed lists this winter has been Brogues and veld boots which are really cool and vintage right now.  A bunch of the guys I know may not find these suckers wearable, but they damn stylish that's for sure.

All in all, I'm glad guys are stepping up to the fashion plate and trying out new trends. 

Peace Love Fashion


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