Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fashion favs KIMYE

Round about April this year, My two fashion favs Kim Kardashian and Kanye West started dating and had twitter buzzing with opinions ( obvi the 72 day marriage wasn't gonna slide with yeezy's fans ) However this is not of importance, so we move on...

What I want to talk about are the fashion choices made by miss K now that she's dating a Designer /Rapper.
On a recent episode of their hit reality  TV show, Mr West has his stylist come in and literally remove all of her clothing and like a 100 pairs of designer shoes from her closet.  Although this was the beginning of something new as some would say,  I don't think she had to give her old things away just yet...

Since then Kim has been spotted with her new romance on arm, sporting looks that are risky and kind of the girl version of 'YE'.  This could have been Cute but the stunts his been having her pull are Ridic!  Although her style has been kinda amaze since she first popped up, I think its kinda 1 dimensional and only of the same colours nowadays.( Leather, Greys, Black, Cream)

Here are a few of the Fails he had her walk in

 And this is his attempt to " Getting her on the best dressed lists"

Here are a few pictures where you can see she had more say, I would think.

Although I didn't see the need to change her style that much, I'm sure she'll be channelling her old self soon ;)

Peace Love Fashion


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