Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Milq and Honey Winter collection | Launch

After battling with a heavy month end work load and only finishing off at 1:30pm (The time the launch kicked off) I still had to head home to gather a few things before hitting the Bromwell botique mall in Woodstock for the winter range of Milq and Honey fashion.  I finally made it to the venue 45 minutes later and still got to see the fashion show and all the Milq and Honey goodies showcased for bloggers, editors and other fabulous guests.   It all goes to show,  If you really love something, you have to work hard and stop at nothing to get where you want to be.  I honestly don't regret rushing that day to get my priorities to work well together, because I actually met some really cool people and got time to do what I love most.

About the collection..

On the runway were dresses, printed tights, fitted crop tops, blouses, jackets, flowy kaftans and most looks were paired with a Blackcherry handbag to accessorise. This time round the Milq and honey team added warmer fabrics and bolder black&white prints to the amazingness that is Milq and Honey and stunned all the guests with their amazing work once again. The line is sophisticated and fresh but still holds an African theme to it. Go on ladies, get your hands on some of these gorgeous items at the Bromwell boutique mall and at the land of Milq and Honey.

Since the video I shot with the Davids sisters here I thought it would be a good idea to shoot the fashion show as well.
Thabiet A



Left: singer Jimmy Nevis.  Right: Yumna from Cooked Culture

Milq and Honey stocking at the Bromwell

style snap shot

amazing art piece at the Bromwell


  1. So bummed I missed this but cool pictures and thanks for posting :)

    1. Thanks doll! we look forward to seeing simplysiyaam blog soon at other events to come:)