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Behind the Brand | Milq and Honey

Lately my brain has been working over-time, thus on a unique and fresh feature for this blog.  Something that stands out and will intrigue my fellow readers.  I've decided on a concept, where I go behind local up and coming brands and get to know the master minds behind the business, art or brand they've created for themselves.  A few weeks back I missioned on over to the Land of Milq and Honey to make the Idea I had stuck in my head reality.
I sat down with the gorgeous sisters, Kelly and Gaby who own the beautiful spa and fashion house out in Rondebosch, Cape Town.   They were generous enough to open up to my silly questions and take me on a tour of their luxurious fashion, Health and Beauty spa (which is amazing by the way).  The girls were full of energy and so humble really, we even broke into laughs between takes (ha ha).  I'm not going to give away much, other than go check out the short video and written interview posted below.
Don't forget to check out their website HERE for amazing high fashion pieces and breathtaking spa treatments.
 Please excuse the traffic noises in the background, I used my old faithful camera and fail at editing videos, but do Enjoy the first of many more exciting 'Behind the Brand' posts to come.
Thabiet A

Q: Where does the inspiration behind Milq and Honey come from?
A) It has always been a dream of ours, from childhood, to have a business where we could incorporate our two different passions in beauty and in fashion, which actually work hand-in-hand.
Q: What is Milq and Honey?
2) MilQ and Honey is a fashion health and beauty spa that is an experience that captivates clients through high quality service and fashion
Q: Do any of you have a beauty or style secret you're willing to share?
3) Beauty secret? Pilary tea is great to use when wanting to detox, as well as fresh spring water. Style secret, which is more of a philosophy than a secret: Always dress to how you want to express yourself for the day.
Q: Any celeb crushes you never got over?
4) Gaby: Drake but got over it when I met Dave Gordon. Kelly: Ty diggs cos I like my men like I love chocolate. :D
Q: I never leave the house before...
5) Kelly: Before changing my outfit 100times while Gaby meditates
Q:Sources say you girls have been involved in the re-opening of 169, tell us about that and how you girls got involved?
 6) Before it closed down, the original 169 (now Neighbourhood) closed down, we would party there as teens and because we love Hip-Hop and R’nB and the location was great… and the rest is history.
Q: If you had one day left to live, what would you be out doing?
7) Go restaurant hopping and eat every last thing and spend every last cent we have go to the sea and go do everything extreme, it's the best way to die.
Q: Kelly, what good things have you learnt from being a presenter and how has it impacted on your life?
8) I got to do really exciting things, explore Cape Town and meet amazing people .
Q: Would you say you're living your dreams?
9) Yes, yes, yes! We are passionate about what we do and we doing it together, and over and above that in all the work that we do, we do it all in the celebration of women.
Q: What music or artists do you enjoy listening to?
10)Hip hop and R’nB such as Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Trey Songz and Miguel.
Q: One fun and crazy memory you had together as sisters that you'll never forget?
11)Our first time in Miami partying with the stars Drake, Trey Songz and getting crunk. Wow, such great times. :)
Q: the most daring thing you've ever done?
12)Bungee jumping, shark cage diving, skydiving and we are currently looking for the next extreme thing to do actually.

Q: What is a few of the must have items you carry around with you everyday?
13)Gaby: iPad, cellphone, like 5note pads, my angel and laughing buda. Kelly: Fruit, cellphone, camera, tights, tank top, masscara and a gallon of water.
Q: Gabriella, what was the most memorable experience you've ever had as a model?
14)The Maldives sitting with nothing but palm trees around me, smelling the fresh air and just looking into the beautiful scenery and thinking ‘What a beautiful life’.
Q: Also you ladies were Miss SA finalists, what have you taken from the experience?
15)Miss SA as an amazing experience and a huge learning curve for both of us. In a competition like Miss SA you learn A LOT about yourself because in order to stand out you need to learn how to shine from within yourself.
Q: If you're not being boss ladies, what are you most likely to be getting up to?
16)Gaby: Netball, Thai Kwon Do and spending time with my baby[as in boyfriend]. Kelly: Playing volley ball, hiking, being with great people and just enjoying life.
Q: What are your favourite places in the world and why?
17)Cape Town and Jamaica they both our favourite little Utopias.
Q: How much cities do you think you have visited before?
18)Between 20 and 30
Q: Is your life going in the direction you dreamt it would when you were younger?
19)Absolutely, everything and more
Q: How would you describe your everyday style?
20)Really chilled but together. Our style chic but we like to diversify it, so one day it’s business-like and the next sporty or sexy. We love playing and experimenting with fashion, so that’s another way of describing it…experimental. Together, diverse and experimental.
Q: How has your personal style been Incorporated into Milq&Honey fashion?
21)What you see in MilQ and Honey range encapsulates our all round style.
Q: What can we expect to see from the M&H fashion house in the near future?
22)Groundbreaking, experimental, cutting edge, high-end fashion that has not yet been in South Africa, or even the World.
Q: How has the experience been working hand in hand as sisters?
23)It's been amazing, as we are each other’s best friends . We have our strengths and weaknesses and we balance each other out, we really love watching each other grow. We are really appreciative of all our opportunities and that we get to experience and receive each one together
Q: Last few words for young entrepreneurs out there?

24)Follow your passion regardless of any obstacles in your way because if you are focused and determined, ultimately you will grow and surround yourself with people who inspire you to attain your goals and passion. And do the hard work baby. It will always get harder before it gets easier.

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