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10 Reasons why the Ford Eco Sport may be my next car

If you know me, you would know that the car I mission in on a daily is nothing glamorous at all,  In fact, its a 1989 model which even makes it a few years older than me.  However, I hope that it's my first before many others and the fact that my hardworking parents got it for me as a gift a couple of years back means more to me than anything else. I feel like it's a good life lesson, not having or expecting things to come easy, which only means you as a person would work so much more harder for everything you want in this life.  For me though,  knowing that my car didn't  come easy just makes me treasure the memories my friends and I have shared in my little old faithful so much more but sometimes, like many others,  we need a change.  A change that will open up our minds to what the future could possibly hold and just to give us a small taste of what we can one day work towards and this was exactly what I needed. 
So you can imagine the excitement I felt when our lovely friends at ford South Africa dropped off the Ford Eco Sport for me to drive around in and basically run all my errands in.  before I give to much away,  below are 10 reasons why I would definitely consider buying this smooth ride in the future.

1. It's a compact SUV

I've always pictured myself driving a big SUV someday.  However, on many attempts I felt as though I wasn't able to control a vehicle of that size.  The ford eco sport however, was the perfect fit. It was almost as big as a usual SUV but also small enough to pass as a slightly bigger car in my opinion.  From the first pull away everything just balanced.  I could make the sharp turns without fail and even cut through busy roads without thinking I'm going over the lines in the street and not being able to tell.

2. I could hear myself breath

Communication barriers were a thing of the past once I got into the eco sport.  Sometimes we are so use to it, we don't even realise how loud and annoying old cars are and this beaut had to bring it to my attention.  Even with the radio on I was able to have a clear conversation with my passengers.
Constant win! 

3. Bluetooth and handset sync

To be honest,  I'm not the most tech savvy person, so finding that this car could be synced to your handset device in a few minutes literally gave me Goosebumps ( a little dramatic...I know).  A few minutes later all my data from my cell phone was synced into the car and there I was jamming to my playlist and even making calls from the car.  How Kris Jenner is that?  I know right.

4. Voice Command


If syncing everything from my cell phone to the car wasn't enough, I later on realised by a click of a button I could make voice commands.  So there I was, going "Call Mom" and in a split second, the lady would go " Calling Mom" you could say I was in AWE.

5. 1.0 Ecoboost

We all know that filling up your tank in South Africa is no fun.  With the rate at which fuel is going up, we'd much rather get a pair of cool sneakers and run from A to B.  The Eco Sport however was so economic and lite, you could just feel it in the drive it gave you.  I was lucky enough to get the car with a full tank of petrol and by the 7th day after a hard week of missioning and long drives,  the tank was just under half full.  This could never have been if I were driving my car as much as I did with the Ford. 

6. Cruise control

We all get abit lazy at times,  some of us more then others and I believe there are little things we can cut down on to increase our energy levels a tad bit more, even if it means resting your feet while operating a vehicle.  If you are one who is always chasing a different sunset, or even just love road trips, The Ford eco Sport offers a cruise control function which by a click of a button you can set the speed at which you want the car to move and voila!  You no longer have to accelerate and the car would literally move at the speed you wish.  amazing right?  totes!

7. Reverse or Parking Sensor

To many of us, driving may not be as much of a problem as parking ( side eyes most of his friends) but with this amazing feature, reversing or parking in general, parallel or alley docking will never be the same.  The sensors around the car would indicate when you are to close to a wall or another vehicle, show you exactly how much space you still have to back up and even made a beeping sound so you knew exactly when it was time to hit the break.

8. Airbags and Central locking


Now I know I might be stone aged over here, but my car, as much as I love it, is a driving hazard (lets be honest).  With a maximum of only two safety belts in working order and no airbags at all, we all know how big a problem this can be at the end of the day.  I really felt so much more safer driving around with the Eco Sport and knowing that I had full control of all doors, windows and if anything should happen, there are airbags all around this amazing piece of machinery to save lives in the event of an accident.

9. Leather Interior and detailed finishes


You probably all want to know...does the carpet match the drapes right?  Indeed it does.  There's just something about the smell of a new car that gets me going, even more so, a car with a chic, sophisticated and detailed interior.  The inside interior is made of the softest leather but also hard enough to not tare anytime soon.  Ample interior lighting throughout, a place to store coffee mugs or holders, a separate compartment for your sunnies and lets not begin to talk about the Air con/heater, definitely the cosiest I've felt inside a car in a while.

10. Spacious

If you have as much belongings as me,  you would know that travelling with a full car can be a complete struggle when you have a laptop bag, an overnight bag, a camera bag, two pairs of shoes and a gym bag to cart around with, however, the eco sport was quite spacious from inside and could easily accommodate my passengers and all my baggage too.  From the inside of the vehicle, the boot looks like a tiny storage space behind the backseat leaving a very narrow space to even get things into the boot via the inside of the car, however, once opened up from the outside, there is so much space for you to pack enough goods for a long weekends.
I hope my 10 reasons were as valid as I thought they would be.  All in all I am definitely marking this beast as one of the top three vehicles I would purchase in the future.  you can even ask the guy who fetched it from my house,  I didn't want to part with it :(

Thank you Ford South Africa!!!

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Thabiet Amardien


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