Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Chanel Counter x Edgars | Event

Hi Everyone :)
Hope you all are keeping warm as Autumn finally kicks in.  Or is this winter? (who even knows)
Lately life has been quite exciting for me, as I start the planning phase of a new business venture in fashion design and manufacturing.  Hopefully within the next month or so I am able to share with you what I have been working on. I can however say that it's something for the ladies and would be a perfect fashion statement for Eid this coming winter.  Other than that, the blog has been taking off quite well since the beginning of the year and I am grateful for the few of you who show me so much love across my social media platforms.  You'll are too kind!
Having had two off days from work last week,  It gave me the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be a full time 'blogger' and by this I mean getting up at 8am, dealing with some admin before heading out the door to a radio interview with 2OceansVibe radio followed by lunch with the girls, a short meeting thereafter and finally covering an event later the evening.  This made me realise on the reals that the industry I chose to take a swing at couldn't have been a better one for me. Though I would love to wake up everyday and be a 'full time blogger', this may not be the most realistic goal for me right now and that's okay really, all in due time I guess.
Needless to say, I am back at my desk, doing what I know will generate me a definite income at month end, so no complaints further more.
I attended the Chanel Cosmetics Counter Launch in Edgars, Canal Walk on Wednesday with the girls and what a fantastic evening it was. We've never attended any beauty related events with the blog, so I was lucky to attend with my girls Saima & Qudoo-siyyah, who by the way is a make up artist and was willing to let me in on the must knows in cosmetics.
The event was well attended by a few bloggers as well as good clients of the Chanel Cosmetics brand in SA.  Bubbles and beats flowed throughout, whilst the ladies got makeovers and touch-ups by the friendly staff working the event.  The counter had good spacing with rotating mirrors and enough space to makeover at least 7-8 clients at once.  I've always been quite a huge fan of  Chanel, not only because they're one of the worlds most hard-core brands out there, but because their products are of good lasting quality and desirable scent.  A bit pricey here and there, but well worth it if you ask me.  This goes with saying that I need to get my hands on their Allure Sport Fragrance for men.  I cannot help but die a thousand deaths every time I get the alluring smell of it.  Pure amazingness in a bottle.
 "You live but once; You might as well be amusing"- Coco Chanel
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