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Hi Guys,

About a week back, Sam and I attended the Lovell Gallery in Woodstock for the launch of their LOVELL TRANYR ART TROPHY, a competition held for artists from all over Africa, to make their mark in this respected industry. But before I go any further
, let me add  that this was the first time we've ever been inside an art gallery (lame We know).  It's just that I've always looked through the window from the opposite side of the street and never really felt like I would fit in, judging by the clients who go in and out on a daily basis.   So since neither of us have been to one, we thought it would be a great opportunity for the both of us to experience something new and break down this bridge of separation between what we thought it would be like, and what it's really like on the inside.  A tad Late, (obviously) we finally arrived and took our first jaw dropping lap around the all white and buzzing Gallery that is the Lovell.  The pieces we saw were so inspiring and mind boggling at the same time.  It was the first time I have experienced raw talent on this level. Every piece with a great story behind it.  Every picture with emotion and almost all made from recycled materials.  One cappuccino later we met the curator of the show, Kefiloe.  She was genuinely excited to have a chat with us and so were we.  She spoke to us about how she wanted more people to know that art galleries are not necessarily those up tight quiet places they've been made out to be.   We instantly giggled because we were those exact "people" she spoke about.  The people who felt they couldn't walk into a gallery because of the expensive art pieces on display.  She has a vision to break down the barrier between Street art and Gallery art, to mix the two.  Not comparing the difference in price, but just finding that happy medium between the two, kind of brilliant if you ask me.  I totally agree with her!  I feel like every artist should know that his or her work is noticed, not because of the gallery or price tag hanging from the back, but because of the ART itself. The thought that went into planning it. The effort that went into creating it.  The emotion and message behind it, and lastly, how many people would be touched or moved by it in the end.  So If you're an artist trying to branch out, then this competition is for YOU!

With that said...

My holiday and leave is now officially done for.  The time of chilling by the pool all day is history.  In-fact,  Its that time of the month where my printer decides to spit hundreds of pages at me and wont leave me in peace.  I do however, leave you with some more details on the competition, our almost regular Event Video Edit  from our Youtube channel and some pictures I managed to snap.  Enjoy!

Press release by Lovell Gallery

"This competition began in 2011 as The Lovell Gallery Artist Competition, with the aims of identifying fresh artists with great collectable potential, and helping them over the long term to achieve that success.

We realized that true collectability requires more than an artist’s talent and quality works – it also requires support from the art-world, collector confidence, and constancy over time, and its these other factors that most young artists are in real need of help with. We thus designed a layered process beginning with a portfolio of 5 works, a requirement to write about the work, a group show, a year of close gallery and artist interaction and development towards a solo show, and the opportunity for ongoing representation.

Now in its fourth year, the results of the approach are already evident in the success of previous winners. Last year’s winner Vivien Kohler is working towards his solo, but has already been offered two more solo shows through his group show exposure (one in Cape Town and one in London) and has two commissions from collectors.  2012’s winner Benon Lutaaya has found great commercial success with sell out solo’s and a long commission waiting list. His prices have risen from R8000 when he entered the competition to R57000 now, driven by hard work, significant talent and exposure. 2011 Winner Neill Wright is gaining a solid reputation among collectors, and was recently listed among the top 10 artists to watch by The Times of South Africa. He has just hired his first studio assistant. Neville Petersen, also a 2011 solo winner (that year we offered more than one) has since won a list of international awards, including exhibitions in London as finalist for Environmental Photographer of the Year as well as the Terry O’Neill Award in 2013. We are very proud to be an ongoing partner in these artists’ success stories.

In 2014 Tranyr Logistics, with offices across Africa, came on board as logistics sponsors and partners to enable us to meaningfully expand the competition reach to the whole continent. In the spirit of true partnership, and recognition of the significance of this expansion, we are re-launching the competition under the new name: Lovell Tranyr Art Trophy.

The competition allows applications in any visual arts medium and is open to any emerging artist with a portfolio of at least 5 original artworks.

The prizes include:
§ A finalist group exhibition at Lovell Gallery
§ Career development by the gallery for the year leading up to the winner’s solo show
§ A solo show at Lovell Gallery alongside the following year’s group show towards which Lovell Gallery we will provide all the help and guidance the artist needs on how to prepare and present their solo exhibition
§ Special exposure in a group show in London during Frieze art week
§ Exposure in local and international media

§ Tranyr sponsorship means the artist does not have to worry about, or pay for, any logistics – all artworks will be collected from the artists’ studios, crated, freighted and delivered to the various exhibitions and back again."

for more details you check out their website over here.

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  1. Stunning pics!! Glad you had a good time & finally entered an art gallery hehe ;)

    1. haha! Thank you for recommending me !! It was such a great experience for us. People are so talented over here!

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    1. Thanks my friend!!! I freakin miss event missioning with you!!!