Friday, 10 May 2013

Justin Bieber | Cape Town

Earlier this week,  Cape Town came to a complete standstill for teenage girls, when news hit that Youtube Sensation, 'Justin Bieber' finally arrived in our City.  A few hours after landing (on the 7th) pictures hit the net of the 19 year old 'boyfriend' singer getting some grub at our local McDonald's in Greenpoint on a bicycle, with the entourage obviously.  Infact, Right under the noses of his ultimate bieliebers, who were already queueing in line at the Cape Town stadium meanwhile Bonjovi played inside. (you can only imagine how that went down).  Besides the total chaos and traffic the biebs brought to our city,  I am happy for each and every JB fan who got to witness, what most of them thought was "A dream come true" and non stop entertainment from start to finish.  Unfortunately I did not attend as I am not much of a bieber fan but would've loved to witness history and a once in a lifetime opportunity play out right in front of my eyes.  However, I did manage to source some amazing pictures of the Concert to cure my FOMO which I happily added below along with some tweets from Justin and his team.
Justin has been staying at the 'One and Only' hotel at the VandA waterfront and has actually been staying longer than expected, making the CT bieliebers even more un-easy knowing they're "breathing the same air as justin".
I think he might be enjoying chilled Cape Town more than we think because we don't really have paparazzi like other places do, even making him feel comfortable enough to tweet "gonna go on a walk" ( brave guy)
with that said...
Enjoy the photographs and have an amazing weekend!
Thabiet Amardien


Photo credit | Nurisha Fakier

The tweet that made everyone want to quit school yesterday lol

Scooter's take on bieber fever in the Cape

The Cape Town One Less Lonely Girl

Some of the lucky girls and guys who had meet and greet with the star

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