Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Street Life - Street Lights

If you're from around Cape Town, you must be aware of the hot summer nights we've been blessed with the past couple of weeks.  Being a lone ranger I'm almost never seen without my camera around my neck, bothering random passing folk with my annoying flash and enjoying the summer nights before the colder months to follow.  So in the week I took to to my hood and played around with the fire work function on my camera as I've never had the chance to check out all the little features yet.  I captured everything from street lights to car lights and had no idea that this would be the outcome.  The lights captured here are so amazing and my own 'little artistic debut' as I would like to call it ( If I had my way).  The pictures show so much depth and emotion Im even contemplating making a canvas out of one.

Check them out.


Peace love happiness
Thabiet Amardien

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