Thursday, 31 January 2013

Chef by day | shopper by night

Tuesday evening I missioned to one of my best friends Sam, who by the way is our incredible fashion contributor here at on fashion street, to casually hang out and possibly discuss future endeavours for this website.  Sam's twin sister bought these 'Jeffrey Campbells' and promised I'd be the first to do a post on them when they touch down in Cape Town.  Since she was nowhere in sight, Sam and I took to her room to do what we would call "Raid" her closet.  It all started with only the Campbell's, a handbag and some jewellery only to find ourselves knee deep in Guess handbags and Shoes for Africa five minutes later.  We managed to shoot at least two accessory looks and other rad items in her humongous collection, but got out of there mighty quick as we could no longer stand the heat (which I'm pretty sure came from all these hot items).  I always knew she had quite a large collection, but this was just surprising to me.  With almost no space for her furs and bags of jewellery this chick isn't anywhere close to done with the online shopping world.  Although I must say, I really admire her unique taste and that she goes straight for the high fashion pieces instead of playing it safe.
Here are only but a few of the things we managed put together and photograph. 
Chanel sunnies, spiked collar, Guess handbag, Guess wrist watch, Jeffrey Campbell's

Love this spring look Sam came up with
I guess this is what happens when you go to a sunglasshut sale hey

the sunnie collection

handbag heaven?


trendy leopard print wedges

floral trend wedges

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